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2011 Tour of the Basque Country Stage 6 Time Trial Start Order and Times


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- Below are  Start Order and Times for the 2011 Tour of the Basque Country Stage 6 Individual Time Trial at Zalla.  The TT is 24km long.  Riders depart at 1-minute intervals with the final 10 riders departing at 2-minute intervals.  U.S. times are Eastern.


Order Number Name Team Time (CET) Time (U.S. EDT)
166 BOARO, Manuele Saxo Bank Sungard 14:25 8:25am
198 BRAVO, Garikoitz Caja Rural 14:26  
161 PORTE, Richie Saxo Bank Sungard 14:27  
34 SANTAMBROGIO, Mauro BMC Racing Team 14:28  
13 ALBASINI, Michael Team HTC - Highroad 14:29  
18 PATE, Danny Team HTC - Highroad 14:30 8:30am
4 MCCARTNEY, Jason Team Radioshack 14:31  
67 PONZI, Simone Liquigas - Cannondale 14:32  
178 VERMOTE, Julien Quick Step 14:33  
10º 153 JUFRÉ, Josep Pro Team Astana 14:34  
11º 193 SÁNCHEZ PIMIENTA, Caja Rural 14:35  
12º 14 FAIRLY, Caleb Team HTC - Highroad 14:36  
13º 106 MONTAGUTI, Matteo AG2R - La Mondiale 14:37  
14º 184 DE LA FUENTE, David Geox TMC 14:38  
15º 97 LUND, Anders Leopard Trek 14:39  
16º 136 GARCÍA ACOSTA, J. Movistar Team 14:40  
17º 38 MOINARD, Amaël BMC Racing Team 14:41  
18º 41 ROGERS, Michael SKY Procycling 14:42  
19º 52 PÉREZ ARRIETA, Aitor Lampre - ISD 14:43  
20º 11 MARTIN, Tony Team HTC - Highroad 14:44  
21º 95 DENIFL, Stefan Leopard Trek 14:45 8:45am
22º 157 IGLINSKIY, Maxim Pro Team Astana 14:46  
23º 98 WEGMANN, Fabian Leopard Trek 14:47  
24º 112 URTASUN, Pablo Euskaltel - Euskadi 14:48  
25º 118 OROZ, Juan Jose Euskaltel - Euskadi 14:49  
26º 88 TALANSKY, Andrew Team Garmin - Cervelo 14:50  
27º 107 LELAY, David AG2R - La Mondiale 14:51  
28º 165 VANDBORG, Brian Saxo Bank Sungard 14:52  
29º 158 RENEV, Sergey Pro Team Astana 14:53  
30º 87 PETERSON, Thomas Team Garmin - Cervelo 14:54  
31º 172 ENGELS, Addy Quick Step 14:55  
32º 75 DOCKX, Gert Omega Pharma - Lotto 14:56  
33º 36 BUTLER, Chris BMC Racing Team 14:57  
34º 144 GOLAS, Michal Vacansoleil - DMC Pro Cycling 14:58  
35º 35 ROE, Thimothy BMC Racing Team 14:59  
36º 116 ISASI, Iñaki Euskaltel - Euskadi 15:00 9:00am
37º 186 COBO, Juan José Geox TMC 15:01  
38º 85 FISCHER, Murilo Team Garmin - Cervelo 15:02  
39º 25 NIERMANN, Grischa Rabobank 15:03  
40º 105 GADRET, John AG2R - La Mondiale 15:04  
41º 31 KOHLER, Martin BMC Racing Team 15:05  
42º 188 RATTO, Daniele Geox TMC 15:06  
43º 146 BELKOV, Maxim Vacansoleil - DMC Pro Cycling 15:07  
44º 6 IRIZAR, Markel Team Radioshack 15:08  
45º 173 CATALDO, Dario Quick Step 15:09  
46º 104 CHAMPION, Dimitri AG2R - La Mondiale 15:10  
47º 27 MARTENS, Paul Rabobank 15:11  
48º 156 FOFONOV, Dmitriy Pro Team Astana 15:12  
49º 33 FRANK, Mathias BMC Racing Team 15:13  
50º 55 BONO, Matteo Lampre - ISD 15:14  
51º 45 CUMMINGS, Stephen SKY Procycling 15:15 9:15am
52º 141 LIGTHART, Pim Vacansoleil - DMC Pro Cycling 15:16  
53º 93 VOIGT, Jens Leopard Trek 15:17  
54º 64 LONGO BORGHINI, Paolo Liquigas - Cannondale 15:18  
55º 84 DANIELSON, Thomas Team Garmin - Cervelo 15:19  
56º 168 DIDIER, Laurent Saxo Bank Sungard 15:20  
57º 5 PAULINHO, Sergio Team Radioshack 15:21  
58º 44 LÖVKVIST, Thomas SKY Procycling 15:22  
59º 48 KNEES, Christian SKY Procycling 15:23  
60º 132 BRUSEGHIN, Marzio Movistar Team 15:24  
61º 3 LEIPHEIMER, Levi Team Radioshack 15:25  
62º 128 VORGANOV, Eduard Katusha Team 15:26  
63º 21 FREIRE, Óscar Rabobank 15:27  
64º 73 VAN DE WALLE, Jurgen Omega Pharma - Lotto 15:28  
65º 76 LLOYD, Matthew Omega Pharma - Lotto 15:29  
66º 17 VAN GARDEREN, Tejay Team HTC - Highroad 15:30 9:30am
67º 28 TANKINK, Bram Rabobank 15:31  
68º 127 LOSADA, Alberto Katusha Team 15:32  
69º 177 SEELDRAEYERS, Kevin Quick Step 15:33  
70º 58 KOSTYUK, Denys Lampre - ISD 15:34  
71º 62 BELLOTTI, Francesco Liquigas - Cannondale 15:35  
72º 175 REDA, Francesco Quick Step 15:36  
73º 42 URAN, Rigoberto SKY Procycling 15:37  
74º 102 PERAUD, Jean-Christophe AG2R - La Mondiale 15:38  
75º 77 VANENDERT, Jelle Omega Pharma - Lotto 15:39  
76º 66 NERZ, Dominik Liquigas - Cannondale 15:40  
77º 114 MARTÍNEZ, Egoi Euskaltel - Euskadi 15:41  
78º 152 GASPAROTTO, Enrico Pro Team Astana 15:42  
79º 117 VELASCO, Iban Euskaltel - Euskadi 15:43  
80º 123 KARPETS, Vladimir Katusha Team 15:44  
81º 142 HOOGERLAND, Johnny Vacansoleil - DMC Pro Cycling 15:45 9:45am
82º 145 LAGUTIN, Sergey Vacansoleil - DMC Pro Cycling 15:46  
83º 46 GERRANS, Simon SKY Procycling 15:47  
84º 68 PATERSKI, Maciej Liquigas - Cannondale 15:48  
85º 12 PINOTTI, Marco Team HTC - Highroad 15:49  
86º 155 KESSIAKOFF, Fredrik Pro Team Astana 15:50  
87º 7 BUSCHE, Matthew Team Radioshack 15:51  
88º 113 TXURRUKA, Amets Euskaltel - Euskadi 15:52  
89º 108 PERGET, Mathieu AG2R - La Mondiale 15:53  
90º 81 VANDEVELDE, Christian Team Garmin - Cervelo 15:54  
91º 43 ZANDIO, Xabier SKY Procycling 15:55  
92º 53 GAVAZZI, Francesco Lampre - ISD 15:56  
93º 195 MORENO, Javier Caja Rural 15:57  
94º 176 VANDEWALLE, Kristof Quick Step 15:58  
95º 143 POELS, Wouter Vacansoleil - DMC Pro Cycling 15:59  
96º 162 SÖRENSEN, Nicki Saxo Bank Sungard 16:00 10:00am
97º 94 FUGLSANG, Jacob Leopard Trek 16:01  
98º 83 LE MEVEL, Christophe Team Garmin - Cervelo 16:02  
99º 63 CARUSO, Damiano Liquigas - Cannondale 16:03  
100º 103 CHEREL, Mikael AG2R - La Mondiale 16:04  
101º 8 ROVNY, Ivan Team Radioshack 16:05  
102º 182 ARDILA, Mauricio Geox TMC 16:06  
103º 24 GARATE, Juan Manuel Rabobank 16:07  
104º 26 BARREDO, Carlos Rabobank 16:08  
105º 196 GARCIA, Egoitz Caja Rural 16:09  
106º 124 KOLOBNEV, Alexandr Katusha Team 16:10  
107º 96 MONFORT, Maxime Leopard Trek 16:11  
108º 126 MORENO, Daniel Katusha Team 16:12  
109º 125 CARUSO, Giampaolo Katusha Team 16:13  
110º 47 NORDHAUG, Lars Petter SKY Procycling 16:14  
111º 154 DI GREGORIO, Rémy Pro Team Astana 16:15 10:15am
112º 32 SANTAROMITA, Ivan BMC Racing Team 16:16  
113º 56 NIEMIEC, Przemyslaw Lampre - ISD 16:17  
114º 15 SIVTSOV, Kanstantsin Team HTC - Highroad 16:18  
115º 194 HERRADA, José Caja Rural 16:19  
116º 131 ARROYO, David Movistar Team 16:20  
117º 181 DUARTE, Fabio Andrés Geox TMC 16:21  
118º 71 VAN DEN BROECK, Jurgen Omega Pharma - Lotto 16:22  
119º 92 SCHLECK, Frank Leopard Trek 16:23  
120º 23 SÁNCHEZ, Luis León Rabobank 16:24  
121º 163 SÖRENSEN, Chris Saxo Bank Sungard 16:25  
122º 115 VERDUGO, Gorka Euskaltel - Euskadi 16:26  
123º 138 KIRYIENKA, Vasili Movistar Team 16:27  
124º 91 SCHLECK, Andy Leopard Trek 16:28  
125º 151 VINOKOUROV, Alexander Pro Team Astana 16:30 10:30am
126º 134 INTXAUSTI, Beñat Movistar Team 16:32 10:32am
127º 22 GESINK, Robert Rabobank 16:34 10:34am
128º 133 LOPEZ, David Movistar Team 16:36 10:36am
129º 135 TONDO, Xavier Movistar Team 16:38 10:38am
130º 82 HESJEDAL, Ryder Team Garmin - Cervelo 16:40 10:40am
131º 1 HORNER, Christopher Team Radioshack 16:42 10:42am
132º 111 SÁNCHEZ, Samuel Euskaltel - Euskadi 16:44 10:44am
133º 2 KLÖDEN, Andreas Team Radioshack 16:46 10:46am
134º 121 RODRIGUEZ, Joaquin Katusha Team 16:48 10:48am


Team Type 1 out of Coppi e Bartali after thieves steal bikes

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- Team Type 1 CEO and Founder Phil Southerland issued the following statement this evening regarding last night's theft of bikes and equipment:  (original press release below the photos)

"Having to withdraw from Coppi-Bartali as a result of the devastating loss of equipment  is a tremendous disappointment for the team, especially after riding so well here with Rubens and Lazlo both in the top ten in the time trial on Stage 4 and Andrea 2nd in the sprint in the opening stage.  It’s an unfortunate situation but our immediate priority is getting our guys back on bikes.  We have extraordinary partners in sanofi-aventis, Colnago, Shimano, Limar, and Park Tools, and are working closely with all of them to ensure our guys can be ready to compete in Vitre* on April 1st." (*Ed.: Route Adélie de Vitré)

2011 Tour du Haut Var:  Team Type 1 road bike close-up
- Click for high resolution -
photo Copyright © 2011 Pete Geyer/

2011 Coppi e Bartali:  Team Type 1 time trial bikes
- Click for high resolution -
photo Copyright © 2011 Fotoreporter Sirotti/


(Team Type 1 press release)

ZOLA PREDOSA, Italy, March 26 - Thieves broke in to locked Team Type 1 - sanofi-aventis vehicles overnight on Friday in a parking lot outside the race hotel, stealing more than 500,000 euros worth of bicycles, tools, spare parts and equipment, forcing the team to abandon the start at Stage 5 of the Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali in Italy.

Team mechanics came out on Saturday morning and found the front window of a team car smashed and the vehicle pushed back from the back door of the locked panel van used to store equipment. The locks on the side and back doors of the panel van were forced open and all bicycles, tools, wheels, spare parts and equipment were stolen.

The large luggage door underneath the team bus was pried off and removed from the vehicle and all bikes mounted in the storage bin under the bus were stolen.

Police were called and arrived around 8:30 am, and began an investigation.

"This is a sad and terrible situation. We are devastated by the loss of so much equipment and the invaluable sizing and measurement information for our time trial and race bikes. It's only a matter of time before these bikes resurface for sale somewhere, and we simply ask our friends and supporters to help us find the bikes and help the police catch the thieves," said Director Sportif Vassili Davidenko.  Team Type 1 website here

USA Cycling Lifts Ban on Race Radios

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Race Radios to be permitted again in NRC competition


(USA Cycling Press Release)

(March 11, 2011) — After gathering input from U.S. teams, riders, organizers, officials and other stakeholders, USA Cycling has determined that teams will be allowed to once again use race radios in National Racing Calendar (NRC) competition and at the USA Cycling professional and elite road national championship events. 

Following international precedent in 2010, USA Cycling banned the use of race radios in national-level events with subsequent plans for evaluation on all aspects of that decision at the end of the year. After review, the U.S. Professional Racing Organization board of trustees recommended lifting the radio ban.

“As we approached the 12 month anniversary of the radio ban in domestic races, we listened to input from the various affected stakeholders including officials, race directors, team directors and riders,” said USA Cycling CEO Steve Johnson.  “In the process, we considered all of the categories of the racing environment that are impacted by radios including rider and spectator safety, caravan and peloton management and team/rider communication, frankly, radios won on every count.”

“The vast majority of athletes, teams and event managers agree that safety cannot be compromised, and that progressive sports use more communications technology, not less,” stated Bob Stapleton, owner of HTC-Highroad professional cycling team and USA Cycling board of directors USPRO representative. “The goal is to make cycling both safe and exciting and to ultimately bring the audience further into the action.”

“The decision was made because we believe race radios bring a unique level of strategy that is good for cycling, provide for innovation opportunities with our broadcast partners, and gives everyone in the peloton an additional safety measure,” stated USA Cycling board of directors President and USPRO representative Bill Peterson. “We have spent considerable time discussing this issue with many experienced racers, team managers, and race organizers; we have yet to find anyone make a convincing case to eliminate race radios. Therefore we are allowing radios within the races we control, and I suspect many countries around the world will follow our lead.”

“We've based our decision on several factors including the nature of racing in the United States and the inherent safety and liability issues that we feel are extremely important,” explained professional cyclist and U.S.P.R.O. board of trustees athlete representative Nick Reistad. “In my own cycling career, I can detail examples where race radios were critical in relaying information regarding safety hazards, including emergency vehicles traveling backwards on the course, which could have put my life, and the lives of those racing with me, in imminent danger.”

The first 2011 NRC event, the Redlands Bicycle Classic will take place March 31 – April 3.

2011 Paris-Nice Route

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2011 Paris-Nice Route Revealed

- Today in Versailles, race organizer Amaury Sport Organization officially revealed the route for the 2011 Paris-Nice (March 6-13).  As expected, there will be no prologue but the Stage 6 Time Trial will be the longest since 1968 according to AFP.

Sunday, March 6: Stage 1: Houdan to Houdan (154.5 km)
Monday, March 7: Stage 2: Montfort l’Amaury to Amilly (198.5 km)
Tuesday, March 8: Stage 3: Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire to Nuits-Saint-Georges (202.5 km)
Wednesday, March 9: Stage 4: Crêches-sur-Saône to Belleville (191 km)
Thursday, March 10: Stage 5: Saint-Symphorien-sur-Coise to Vernoux-en-Vivarais (194 km)
Friday, March 11: Stage 6: Rognes to Aix-en-Provence, Individual Time Trial (27 km)
Saturday, March 12: Stage 7: Brignoles to Biot - Sophia Antipolis (215.5 km)
Sunday, March 13: Stage 8: Nice to Nice (124 km)

2011 Season Jerseys: Professional Continental Teams


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- Below are the 2011 season jerseys for the Professional Continental Teams.  Click for 2011 ProTeam jerseys.


Topsport Vlaanderen-Mercator

Veranda's Willems-Accent
Team Spidertech
Colombia es Pasion-
Cafe de Colombia
Andalucia Caja Granada

Caja Rural


Cofidis, le Credit en Ligne


Team Europcar

Farnese Vini-Neri Sottoli

Team NetApp

Colnago-CSF Inox

De Rosa-Ceramica Flaminia
Acqua & Sapone

Androni Giocattoli

CCC Polsat Polkowice
Team Type 1
Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling


Versus TV Extends Partnership with Tour of California

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(Versus press release)

NEW YORK, N.Y. (January 19, 2011)—VERSUS and AEG today announced a multi-year agreement to continue televising AEG’s Amgen Tour of California road race, the premier U.S.-based cycling event that features the world’s top professional cyclists.  VERSUS will provide live HD coverage of the 2011 Amgen Tour of California, which takes place from May 15-22, including all the exciting finish-line sprints and the first-ever mountain top stage finish with the ascent up Mt. Baldy.  Additionally, the network will air highlights of the stages each night during the eight-day competition at 11 p.m. ET.

“VERSUS’ commitment to cycling is stronger than ever and we look forward to continuing our coverage of the largest road race in America,” said Marc Fein, Executive Vice President of Programming, Production and Business Operations for VERSUS. “We are excited to broadcast this epic event for the fifth straight year and super-serve cycling fans the same way we do with all our properties.”  

Since VERSUS started airing coverage of the Tour of California in 2007, the network has seen average viewership growth of 46 percent.  Last year’s race saw the number of viewers tuning in to the network’s daily coverage double from 2007 (3 million vs. 1.5 million).

“We are delighted to be partnering with VERSUS on the Amgen Tour of California,” said Andrew Messick, President of AEG Sports. “VERSUS’ skill, experience and passion for both cycling and the Amgen Tour of California makes them the perfect partner as we continue to make our race one of the most important in the world.”

Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen, the undisputed voices of cycling, will once again call all the race action in the Golden State with Bob Roll returning as field reporter.

Stages for the 2011 Amgen Tour of California:

Stage 1: Sunday, May 15 - South Lake Tahoe to North Lake Tahoe-Northstar at Tahoe Resort
Stage 2: Monday, May 16 - North Lake Tahoe-Squaw Valley  to Sacramento
Stage 3: Tuesday, May 17 - Auburn to Modesto
Stage 4: Wednesday, May 18 - Livermore to San Jose
Stage 5: Thursday, May 19 - Seaside to Paso Robles
Stage 6: Friday, May 20 - Solvang Individual Time Trial
Stage 7: Saturday, May 21 - Claremont to Mt. Baldy
Stage 8: Sunday, May 22 - Santa Clarita to Thousand Oaks

USA Cycling Names Squads for Cyclo-Cross Worlds

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Elite men, women, U23 & junior men’s squads named for Cyclo-cross World Championships


Update:  The Elite Men team has now been named.  Note that though Todd Wells was an automatic qualifier due to his victory in the national championships, he declined his nomination to the worlds team.

2011 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships

St. Wendel, Germany

January 29-30, 2011

Elite Men
Jeremy Powers (Easthampton, Mass./
Tim Johnson (Topsfield, Mass./
Ryan Trebon (Bend, Ore.)
Jamie Driscol (Winooski, Vt.)
Jonathan Page (Northfield, NH)

Elite Women
Katie Compton (Colorado Springs, Colo./Planet Bike-Stevens Bikes)
Susan Butler (Portland, Ore.)
Meredith Miller (Fort Collins, Colo./Team TIBCO-To the Top)
Amy Dombroski (Boulder, Colo.)
Kaitlin Antonneau (Racine, Wis./Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY 12)

U23 Men
Daniel Summerhill (Centennial, Colo./Garmin-Transitions-Team Holowesko Partners)
Zach McDonald (Bainbridge Island, Wash.)
Jerome Townsend (Princeton, Mass./Mock Orange Bikes)
Cody Kaiser (El Dorado Hills, Calif./California Giant Strawberries-Specialized)
Luke Keough (Sandwich, Mass./

Junior Men
Jeff Bahnson (Newark, Del./Van Dessel Factory Team)
Andrew Dillman (Fairdale, Ky./Prochain Cycling)
Bjorn Fox (Incline Village, Nev./Clif Bar Development Cross Team)

2011 Season Jerseys: ProTeams


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- Below are the 2011 season jerseys for the 18 "ProTeams" (WorldTour).  Click for Pro Continental Team jerseys.

AG2R La Mondiale

BMC Racing Team







Omega Pharma-Lotto

Pro Team Astana

Quickstep Cycling Team

Rabobank Cycling Team

Saxo Bank Sungard

Sky Procycling

Team Garmin-Cervelo

Team Leopard-Trek

Team RadioShack



2011 Tour Down Under on Versus TV: Broadcast schedule

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Related news:  2011 Tour Down Under Broadcast Television Coverage around the world

Note: will have full daily coverage of the 2011 Santos Tour Down Under including race photography, LIVE coverage options and video clips.

(Versus press release)

NEW YORK, N.Y. (January 10, 2011)—VERSUS will kick off the cycling season with the 2011 Tour Down Under, the first race of the year on the UCI WorldTour calendar.  In the 2011 competition, 19 teams will cover more than 470 miles during the six-stage race through Southern Australia.  This year’s event will be the final cycling race outside the U.S. for seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.  Armstrong will once again lead the U.S.-based Team RadioShack®, which just added Australian native Robbie McEwen to the roster, to compete against the world’s best cyclists.  Additionally, two superstar sprinters, rivals Mark Cavendish with team HTC-Highroad and Tyler Farrar with the newly created Team Garmin-Cervelo, will race through the streets of Adelaide as they battle each other to the finish line.

VERSUS will air daily 30-minute stage re-caps of the race from Jan. 18-22 at 6 p.m. ET, as well as a special one-hour show at 5 p.m. ET on Jan. 23 highlighting the final stage of the race.  Additionally, the network will stream the entire final stage of the race live on on Jan. 22 beginning at 9:30 p.m. ET.

VERSUS’ on-air schedule for the 2011 Tour Down Under follows (all times ET, subject to change):

Tuesday, Jan. 18                        Stage 1, Mawson Lakes to Angaston                                            6 p.m.

Wednesday, Jan. 19                   Stage 2, Tailem Bend to Mannum                                                6 p.m.

Thursday, Jan. 20                      Stage 3, Unley to Stirling                                                             6 p.m.

Friday, Jan. 21                           Stage 4, Norwood to Strathalbyn                                                 6 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 22                       Stage 5, McLaren Vale to Willunga                                               6 p.m.

Sunday, Jan. 23                         Stage 6, Adelaide City Council Street Circuit                                  5 p.m.

2011 Tour Down Under Broadcast Television Coverage


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photo Copyright © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti/


- Update:  Click for the latest Tour Down Under live coverage guides.

- Update:  Versus will stream the final stage (Stage 6) LIVE on Saturday, January 22 at 9:30pm U.S. Eastern. will have full, daily coverage of the 2011 Santos Tour Down Under including race photography, LIVE coverage options and video clips.

- Update:  Versus TV Tour Down Under broadcast schedule

- The 2011 Tour Down Under is right around the corner and preliminary broadcast television coverage info has been released according to the following schedule: (most stages will be run during the evening U.S. time, after midnight Europe time)

Australia and New Zealand

Sunday January 16: (Cancer Council Classic)
SBS Two LIVE, 19:00-20:30 AEDT
SBS One repeat, 23:15-00:45 AEDT
Cycling Central, 16:00-17:30 AEDT

Tuesday January 18 - Friday January 21:
SBS One daily highlights, 18:00-18:30
SBS Two daily highlights, 20:30-21:00
SBS One news highlights, 22:00-22:05

Saturday January 22:
SBS One LIVE, 11:15-15:30 AEDT
SBS Two race highlights, 20:30-21:30

Sunday January 23:
SBS One LIVE, 13:30-16:30 AEDT
Cycling Central, 17:00-18:00 AEDT
SBS Two race highlights, 20:30-21:30

International Broadcasters

International broadcasters will include BSky Sports, Sport +, TV2 Sport Norway, TV2 Sport Denmark, Eurosport Asia, J-Sports, Versus, and Supersport International.  It is expected that most international broadcasts of the TdU will consist of race highlights or replays.  We will post broadcast details when available. will have full coverage of the 2011 Santos Tour Down Under including daily race photography, LIVE coverage options and video clips.

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