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Chrono des Herbiers 2005
Sunday, October 16, 2005

Welcome to our coverage of today's Chrono des Herbiers Individual Time Trial.
No one else seems to be offering a live ticker so we'll give it a try.  (No guarantees!)

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Dimitri Champion has set a new course record in the Espoirs category,
coming in at 49 minutes and 9 seconds.

The elite riders are all underway.  The course is 48.150km.

At the first time check, World Champion Michael Rogers has the best time: 13:30.
Hour Record holder Sosenka is in second at 13:34.

Vladimir Gusev (CSC but moving to Discovery Channel in 2006) has the best time
thus far at the second time check: 32:28.

Sosenka has just bettered Gusev's mid-course intermediate time.
Sosenka came in at 32:20.

Cancellara has reached mid course in 33:06.

Rogers at mid-course in 32:12....the best time!

At third time check, Sosenka has best time thus far: 46:05
Second there is Gusev at 46:17
Third thus far is Belohvosciks at 46:20

Waiting for Lang, Cancellara and Rogers at the third time check...

Lang at third time check in 48:04
Cancellara there at 47:20
Rogers best time once again at 46:02....just 3 seconds better than Sosenka!
What a battle!

Gusev has finished the course....with a new best time of 1:00:37!  Another
good time trialist on his way to Discovery Channel.

Sosenka is in.  He's bettered Gusev's time!  Sosenka in at 1:00:18.

Only Rogers can beat Sosenka now.

Sebastian Lang is in in 1:02:55, good enough for 9th thus far.

Cancellara finished in 1:02:01.

Rogers finished.....

Some confusion at the finish initially as Rogers was shown as coming in
in the same time as Sosenka...

Sosenka is the winner by less than 3 seconds!

Final result, top 10:

1.  Ondrej Sosenka  1:00:18
2.  Michael Rogers  1:00:21
3.  Vladimir Gusev  1:00:37
4.  Raivis Belohvosciks  1:00:52
5.  Olivier Kaisen  1:01:41
6.  Y. Krivtsov  1:01:51
7.  Fabian Cancellara  1:02:01
8.  Marco Pinotti  1:02:14
9.  Nicola Fritsch  1:02:53
10.  Ben Day  1:02:54

Thanks for following along today.  It was fun, but we won't be quitting our day jobs
anytime soon!