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Friday, July 4, 2008

Note:  Tomorrow's Tour de France Stage 1 departs Brest at 12:30 CET (6:30am U.S. Eastern) and is expected in Plumelec between 16:59 and 17:26 CET (10:59 and 11:26am U.S. Eastern).  Live coverage on Eurosport is scheduled to begin at 11:30 CET (5:30am U.S. Eastern).  Live audio and video streams (various sources) should begin then or early to mid afternoon local time.  We'll have all the feeds and more in the morning.

2008 Tour de France Official Website  here
Tour de France Start List  here

Coming before tomorrow's Stage 1:  Our Tour de France Live Coverage Guide (live video, audio, tickers, graphics)

2008 Tour de France Teams Presentation:  Mauricio Soler (Barloworld) of Colombia waves to the crowd
2008 Tour de France Teams Presentation:
  Mauricio Soler (Barloworld) of Colombia waves to the crowd yesterday.  Soler won the Mountains Classification in the 2007 Tour.
Soler's compatriot, Colombian-French anti-corruption activist Ingrid Betancourt,
was rescued this week after more than 6 years in captivity in the Colombian jungle.
photo Copyright © 2008 Fotoreporter Sirotti for

2008 Tour de France Teams Presentation
2008 Tour de France Teams Presentation:
 Acrobats dressed as French Postal workers
pedal bikes high above the crowd yesterday.
photo Copyright © 2008 Fotoreporter Sirotti for

2008 Tour de France Teams Presentation:  American George Hincapie (Columbia Pro Cycling Team)
2008 Tour de France Teams Presentation:
 American George Hincapie (Columbia Pro Cycling Team)
on the eve of his country's Independence Day (the 4th of July).  Hincapie is wearing the new Columbia team (formerly Team High Road) cycling jersey.  The American flags on the collar and sleeves
mark Hincapie's status as a past U.S. national champion.
photo Copyright © 2008 Fotoreporter Sirotti for

Thursday, July 3, 2008


- Tiny Eurosport video and the audio feeds are playing worldwide.  Video feed plays in media player and you can select an audio feed separately for your commentary.

- Garmin-Chipotle (Slipstream) is the first team presented.

- Eurosport UK  audio feed now live with David Harmon and Sean Kelly.

- French commentator Patrick Chasse is joined by former riders Richard Virenque and Jacky Durand on the Tiny Eurosport live video stream feed.  (viewable worldwide)

- The Eurosport France audio feed is live with the Tour de France teams presentation.  The Eurosport UK audio feed should go live shortly.

Tour de France Teams Presentation  LIVE

Live video streaming:

Eurosport UK
(not available everywhere)

Eurosport Germany
(not available everywhere)

Eurosport France
(not available everywhere)

Tiny Eurosport live feed
(worldwide, no audio)

Live audio streaming:

(English)   Schedule

Live coverage of the Tour de France Teams Presentation

Eurosport is showing live coverage of the Tour de France Teams Presentation today.  The broadcast, which should begin by 18:15 CET (12:15pm U.S. Eastern) is available via live video streaming for some markets.  We're looking for more options.

Eurosport France live streaming  here  (not available everywhere)
Tiny Eurosport live video stream  here  (no audio)

For live audio, try the Eurosport audio feeds at left.  More links to come if available.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2008 Tour de France live coverage preview

Eurosport will be showing tomorrow's Tour de France Teams Presentation live starting at around 18:00 CET (12pm U.S. Eastern).  If there is live video streaming of this event on the internet, we will post links tomorrow.

We will have photos from the teams presentation late tomorrow or early Friday.

Eurosport will of course broadcast every stage of the Tour live.  That means there should be, at minimum, Eurosport live audio online.  The live audio streams have worked on and off this year.  They are working at the moment.

As in years past, we expect to be able to list several sources for Tour de France live video streams .  We're working on locating sources this week and will list whatever we find before Saturday's stage start.  We will then continue to search for alternative streams once the race has begun.

We will also list the usual assortment of Tour de France live tickers, graphics, etc., as well as information on how to watch the Tour de France via satellite.

Versus Tour de France broadcast schedule

Versus will again be showing the Tour de France live and via replay, starting with Saturday's Stage 1.  (There is no prologue time trial this year.)

All times U.S. Eastern.

Stage 1: Saturday, July 5, 2008
Brest to Plumelec
8:30am to 11:30am

Stage 2: Sunday, July 6, 2008
Auray to Saint - Brieuc
8:30am to 11:30am

Stage 3: Monday, July 7, 2008
Saint - Malo to Nantes
8:30am to 11:30am

Stage 4: Tuesday, July 8, 2008
Cholet to Cholet
7:30am to 11:30am

Stage 5: Wednesday, July 9, 2008
Cholet to Chateauroux
8:30am to 11:30am

Stage 6: Thursday, July 10, 2008
Aigurande to Super - Besse Sancy
8:30am to 11:30am

Stage 7: Friday, July 11, 2008
Brioude to Aurillac
8:30am to 11:30am

Stage 8: Saturday, July 12, 2008
Figeac to Toulouse
8:30am to 11:30am

Stage 9: Sunday, July 13, 2008
Toulouse to Bagneres-de-Bigorre
7:00am to 11:30am

Stage 10: Monday, July 14, 2008
Pau to Hautacam
7:30am to 11:30am

Stage 11: Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Lannemezan to Foix
8:30am to 11:30am

Stage 12: Thursday, July 17, 2008
Lavelanet to Narbonne
8:30am to 11:30am

Stage 13: Friday, July 18, 2008
Narbonne to Nimes
8:30am to 11:30am

Stage 14: Saturday, July 19, 2008
Nimes to Digne-les-Bains
8:30am to 11:30am

Stage 15: Sunday, July 20, 2008
Embrun to Prato Nevoso
7:00am to 11:30am

Stage 16: Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Cuneo to Jausiers
6:30am to 11:30am

Stage 17: Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Embrun to L'Alpe-d'Huez
to 11:30am

Stage 18: Thursday, July 24, 2008
Bourg-d'Oisans to Saint - Etienne
8:30am to 11:30am

Stage 19: Friday, July 25, 2008
Roanne to Montlucon
8:30am to 11:30am

Stage 20: Saturday, July 26, 2008
Cerilly to St. - Amand-Montrond
:30am to 11:30pm

Stage 21: Sunday, July 27, 2008
Etampes to Paris (Champs Elysees)
:30am to 12:00pm

Monday, June 30, 2008

Breaking news:  Landis appeal dismissed by Court of Arbitration for Sport.  Landis has also been ordered to pay $100,000 to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) for court costs.  More here .

2008 Tour de France live coverage

Tomorrow or Wednesday we'll take a first look at the live coverage options for following the 2008 Tour de France, which starts Saturday.  Also, we will have 2008 Tour de France photos every day starting with the Teams Presentation.

Landis verdict due today

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS-TAS) today will announce the result of Floyd Landis's appeal hearing held in March.  A Landis win would mean he'd reclaim his 2006 Tour de France title.

Meanwhile, cycling coach and Landis associate Arnie Baker today has published the second edition of his The Wiki Defense.  In an email to, Baker wrote " The CAS hearing has provided new, relevant, and significant information..... There are more than 100 new pages. The book is now about 440 pages."

Baker added, by way of a synopsis in his email, that the lab "lied, botched the test in the first place, and never even identified testosterone properly."

Did the Landis team demonstrate that the French lab (LNDD) is sloppy and unprofessional?  No doubt.  But were they able to convince the CAS-appointed lawyers that the evidence does not support a clear case of doping?  We'll know the answer to that today.

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