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Sunday, July 15, 2007
8. Liz Kreutz Interview
by Rebecca Bell

An artist behind the camera, The Paceline’s photographer Liz Kreutz paints Discovery Channel team in bold color and fine character studies. Her brush is her lens; her palette, the peloton; her canvas, Le Tour.

Liz’s skill in photographing cyclists on their bikes is undeniable. But her gift for connecting with the personality of each rider is extraordinary. Whether shooting the team relaxing at dinner or capturing Contador in action from the motorcycle, her aim goes straight to the heart and soul of the sport.

Liz Kreutz

We interviewed Liz recently at Chechu Rubiera’s website, She generously told about her life as the Eye of Discovery Channel team.

You've taken some amazing photos of Discovery Channel. What do you think makes a great cycling photo?

So many things can contribute to a great cycling photo…I love the wow factor! Whether it’s the agony or joy on a rider’s face, the interaction between teammates, incredibly beautiful scenery, the massive pressing crowds or a lone fan, being in the right place at the right time, trying to anticipate what is going to happen…and, having the subject in the frame and in focus helps!

With Discovery Channel, you're a rare woman amongst mostly men. What's that like?

The Discovery Team truly is a family and I feel like the (younger/older) sister. I am honored to be able to travel and have exclusive access to the “behind the scenes” happenings. They trust me and know that I have their best interest at heart.

What have you learned from working with cycling’s great photographers, like Graham Watson?

Graham is not only one of the best cycling photographers in the world with a vast knowledge of the sport (he used to be a rider back in the day!), but he is also a wonderful person. He has a great sense of humor and is always willing to offer help and suggestions.

Read the whole interview at

And enjoy Liz's spectacular new in-depth feature Rolling With the Boys at the Canon Europe website

Egoi Martinez, Yaroslav Popovych and Alberto Contador
Egoi Martinez, Yaroslav Popovych and Alberto Contador
Copyright © Chris Brewer

Race Report, Stage 8
Le Grand Bornand – Tignes, 165 km

“The puncture was bad luck, because the final kilometers were better for me”

Contador was philosophical about today’s stage. “The best thing is that I’ve been able to do well in the mountains. There were only seven ahead of me, and I was feeling good. The puncture was bad luck, because I think the final kilometers were better for me,” Contador summed it up.

“In the end, I tried to lose as little time as possible. But I can already say that I’ve done a good first week in the Tour and only hope that I don’t choke in the third week, because it’s always a risk.”

If he hadn’t flatted, he says, “I’m sure I would have arrived with the group. What I don’t know is if I could have caught Mayo.”

For Alberto, the strongest men in the race are the ones that stayed ahead of him, but he observes “it’s a sure thing that the ones who are two minutes behind can still catch up. You can’t discount Klöden or Vinokourov, because they have great skills and a very strong team. If they can catch an escape, they can take the leadership.”

About the Galibier stage – the day after the rest day - Contador said, “I think it’s likely that a breakaway will happen, because I don’t know when they’ll lift the tempo since it’s 40 km from the summit to the finish line. Of course, the start will be very aggressive and some people will probably pay for the rest day.”

Alberto’s results

Stage 8        8th     3:31
Young rider    1st    4:53:11

GC        8th    3:10
Young rider    2nd    2:27

Translations by Christine Kahane

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Alberto Contador wallpaper
Alberto Contador Wallpaper

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